TOTO Washlet Wonderment

Creative concept, creative development, and experiential design by satoriteller, including concept, story, writing, character design, character animation, video directing, motion capture directing & engineering, hologram design (Wonderbox™), and wide-screen immersive supporting video production.

To create an informative Washlet experience that guides the customer through the use of a TOTO Washlet, while keeping it fun and reiterating that TOTO is a technology company, yet simple enough for anyone in the showroom to manage. We created a custom immersive projection and hologram experience with a character, Shizukun, who guides the customer through the instructions of how to use the Washlet in an informative, fun and engaging way. The experience is triggered by a motion sensor when the customer enters the bathroom, based on carefully researched timing.


TouchDesigner, motion tracking, custom web based user interface (Wonderhub™), integration into existing control system, custom mirror based 'hologram' system (Wonderbox™), Aftereffects and Final Cut Pro..


All creative direction, visuals, engineering, and creative coding designed and implemented by satoriteller. 4K wide screen video editing with simultaneous (timed) character animation (hologram) playback in partnership with SLICE Editorial. 4K Video shoot of San Francisco Bay by SLICE Editorial. Motion Graphics by Firefly.