BMW Group National Aftersales Conference 2018

All aspects of production in the General Session, Breakouts, and Gala produced and designed by satoriteller, including staging & screen design, projection mapping & engineering, production logistics, print collateral design and management. All content including the Interactive Opening Experience, executive speechwriting, and all screen graphics and title animations designed and produced by satoriteller.

Continuing on the messaging theme of the previous year, 2018’s messaging challenge to the audience was to “Be the Experience.” Therefore, we wanted to literally integrate the attendees into the Opening Experience. To do this, we created an “NAC Selfie Upload Site” that allowed attendees to use a simple QR Code on the back of their badges to easily and instantly upload their “selfies” from the point of registration to the point of the opening of the General Session. The photos then appeared live throughout the video opening of the General Session, allowing the attendees to truly “Be the Experience.”


Unreal Engine for VR pre-viz, TouchDesigner for multi/widescreen generative graphics, web technologies to harvest attendee imagery.


All visuals, engineering, and creative coding designed and implemented by satoriteller. Executive PowerPoint Presentations designed in partnership with Chris Dunne of Big City Productions.