BMW Group National Aftersales Conference 2017

All aspects of production in the General Session, Breakouts, and Gala produced and designed by satoriteller, including staging & screen design, projection mapping & engineering, production logistics, print collateral design and management. All content including the Opening Experience, executive speechwriting, and all screen graphics and title animations designed and produced by satoriteller.
We built a scale model to visualize the dimensional screen.
We built a scale model to visualize the dimensional screen.

Following the messaging of the conference: Create an Experience - The Ultimate Customer Experience, our goal was to create a visual experience for the audience, using a 3-dimensional screen shape that would invite the audience into the BMW and MINI Service Centers, while re-imagining the customer experience journey. Meanwhile, the “backstage” tech and all positions were fully exposed in the room, behind scrim panels, blurring the lines of service technology and experience, while immersing the audience in the experience.


TouchDesigner for multi/widescreen generative graphics, Unreal Engine for real-time rendered 3D motion graphics.


Opening 3D animations created in collaboration with Enigmatic Machines. Video Production in collaboration with SLICE Editorial. Executive PowerPoint Presentations designed in partnership with Chris Dunne of Big City Productions.