At satoriteller, we are always thinking about how to make an event better through technology. This doesn’t change just because we are in the world of remote events. In fact, it becomes even more important. During the “Great Pause” we have pivoted to join forces with our sister company, Studio Firefly. We don’t love any of the virtual platforms that we’ve seen because they fail to produce a sense of community and a level of engagement that a live event creates. So, using our internal resources, along with Studio Firefly’s team of designers and event professionals, we decided to build our own. While we aren’t advocating that we can ever replicate or replace the experience of a live show, we think we can come closer to making the digital experience as compelling as the live experience. Afterall, at satoriteller, we are all about thinking beyond the rectangle. More coming in the next few months, with a launch and full Digital Event Experience Demo coming this July, 2020. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at what our designers, coders, producers, and technicians have been working on:

moments of




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