about us

mission statement

We are a production studio made up of media and theater artists, technologists, and engineers who passionately and fearlessly craft unique experiences for audiences while exemplifying mutual respect, kindness, and the spirit of collaboration.  We deliver transformative shared experiences that delight and inspire audiences through technology, art, and ideas.

our values

To invite audiences to escape normality through an uplifting and interactive journey that culminates in a moment of satori.

our vision

To be the bridge connecting creativity, collaboration, and passion, uplifting the universal consciousness through every project.

management team


Lisa is the Ideas in satoriteller’s Art + Technology + Ideas. Although it was a satoriteller intern that introduced the concept of pronoia to Lisa, she fully embraces this philosophy that the world is set up to secretly benefit people. This “optimism with a twist” influences her work & creativity. How do we continue to perpetuate the concept of pronoia through experiences we create for audiences? How do we reinforce this idea through the teams we build and our client relationships? How do we carry that through in our art? Just ask her, but settle down with a drink in your hand because she’ll talk about it for hours.

Lisa Sato


Some might assume that Bruce is the Technology in satoriteller’s ART + TECHNOLOGY + IDEAS. While he definitely is our secret weapon on the technology front, Bruce is all three. He will tell you he’s a technologist, but those of us who have the privilege of working and creating with him every day know that he’s first an artist and second a technology innovator. Bruce can take any far-fetched idea, figure out how to make it work (even if it means inventing a new piece of hardware or creating a new piece of software to drive it), and push the idea even further beyond imagination. He is the magic at satoriteller.

Bruce Wheaton

Chief Technologist

Kenichi’s MFA in Scenic Design and his years of experience on Tony Award nominated Broadway design teams are just part of the reason he was asked to join satoriteller. Kenichi has an unparalleled work ethic, and a beautiful design aesthetic that is focused on simplicity, elegance, and balance. Kenichi IS the the ART in satoriteller’s Technology + Art + Ideas.

Kenichi Takahashi

Art Director

It may be Milo’s charm that gets you first. If not that, it will be his quick wit, deep intelligence, or incessant curiosity about the world around him. Milo was our original College Intern, and during these years, we saw a great transformation into the kind of thinker that we knew we needed on our team. After graduating with a degree in Communication Studies, he became much more than our Apprentice Escapist. He’s our conscience, always reminding us to stay true to our creative values and ethics, and giving us plenty of witty talk-back when we stray too far. Check out his blog posts, and you’ll see why he’s an integral part of our team.

Milo Gray

Apprentice Escapist

The Japanese word nandemo loosely translates to “anything.” Around the studio and on show site, this is how JP is often described. If someone needs help with something, or needs to figure something out, you’ll often hear, “Ask JP, he can do anything.” With his background in projection, coupled with his art degree and his always curious mind, he’s the perfect fit for satoriteller.

JP Kelly

Design Engineer


We seek out partners who share our ideals, passion for overcoming the impossible, love of collaboration, and devotion to creativity and storytelling. Among our partners, these are some of our favorites.

notable clients