Bridge Together Golden Gate a Success!

We did it!

Thank you. Most of us here at Beyond the Rectangle/satoriteller are still reeling from the success of Bridge Together Golden Gate. We were in awe to stand amongst our participants, our volunteers, government officials, and all who helped us bridge together. It was truly our privilege to stand with you, to hug you, to shake your hands, and watch as you exemplified togetherness. From peace signs at passersby, to your decorated ponchos, your embodiment of inclusion, unity and love left us stunned. Thank you for teaching us that kindness will always be underrated and that we, as citizens, have power to effect change. Again, thank you and you’ll hear from us soon.
Take care.
—Bridge Together Organizers

Check out the BTGG official page here!

ABC News Coverage

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  1. Milo and Lisa were so awesome. Thank you so much. Everyone was great. The whole experience was very exciting. I’m so happy that I was able to participate in the BMW recognition presentation.

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