Happy Holidays!

This is always the best part of the year; smack in the middle between the gratitude fall brings, couple with the hope that comes with a new year.

For us, that looks like reflection of our year. Last season came with efforts that pushed us to think creatively and work collaboratively. We pushed boundaries: We projected on origami, we created an opening experience in less than two weeks, we used live motion tracking to “paint” on a not-normal screen. We collaborated with MINI to reveal the new Countryman, and highlighted some of our favorite California spots along the way. We paid homage to UCSF and in doing so transformed the SF MoMA Atrium. We went national, then international, then came back home.

We met beautiful storytellers along the way, we formed new relationships. We’ve ignited our own nonprofit which will benefit women and girls’ aspirations within arts and technology fields. We grew closer—who knew that was possible?—we’ve made our studio our home.

Like many others, this year brought losses and sadness. We watched the news, we saw the heartbreak, the violence. We saw some rise up, we saw the miracles, we watched the rescues. We laughed at the memes, we yelled at the injustices, and we swore to do better.

A new year brings optimism and aspirations. Along with launching our nonprofit, we are currently working on a performance art piece taking place on The Golden Gate Bridge. We’re yearning for humanity to remind us of the good that’s in the world, by doing a simple act of holding a stranger’s hand. Sometimes, we’ve been reminded, it’s the small gestures that amass to a greater version of us. If you’re interested and would like to join us, you can check out bridge.beyondtherectangle.org or https://www.facebook.com/groups/bridgtogetherGG/.

In 2017, we’re looking forward to continuing our work with Eldorado Resorts and BMW. We’re hoping to do more stand-alone art installations, along with permanent installs. Continuing to learn about the role of media art for marginalized voices ranks high on our new year’s resolutions.

As 2017 dawns, we’d like to thank you for sticking with us thus far, and we look forward to what’s still in store for us! Happy holidays, and happy new year!

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